Move Over Beyond Meat, Daring Foods Offers Plant-Based Chicken Alternative!

plant based meat

Daring, “The opposite of complicated,” is the tagline of Daring Foods. It is a startup based in Scotland which makes “second-generation plant-based meat” for its consumers. Daring foods have announced an unconventional plant-based substitute of chicken. This chicken will be made up of five non-G.M.O. ingredients–water, sunflower oil, soy, salt, and a natural flavoring. The flavoring is a mix of pepper, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger, paprika, and mace. At the beginning of this year, the company started retailing the first version of ‘Daring Pieces’ product in the United Kingdom in full swing.

The Co-founder and CEO of Daring Foods Ross Mackay said, “We’re not here to be a gimmick, we’re here to be part of your life every day, There’s a big need for a plant-based food that’s actually healthy.” Mackay is a vegan himself, but the target audience of his is meat-eaters who are looking for a more plant-based diet. Mackay hopes to create what he calls a “second generation” of plant-based meat products which will be healthier and a bigger part of a daily diet than other processed foods.

Daring Pieces is 1000% not chicken and a 100% plant-based. So everybody from vegans to non-vegetarians can consume it without hesitation. It’s made up of simple and natural ingredients. It provides 14 grams of protein and just 1.75 grams of fat per serving. It not just fights food waste, it is sustainably sourced, plant-friendly and animal-friendly. Daring Pieces just need a little heating on the pan with absolutely no extra seasoning. They take approximately eight minutes. They also have the touch and feel of a real chicken. So get ready to swap white meat for plant meat. With, Daring Pieces you’ll never feel heaviness after your meals and you’ll never have to worry about the artificial ingredients. This swap is convenient, healthy, time-saving and delicious.

Daring Foods partnered with Rastelli Foods Group, for the distribution of the plant-based chicken in the U.S. Rastelli is a major U.S. food company that supplies retail markets, restaurants, and hotels and other commercial customers.  They claim that their product, Daring Pieces is much healthier than other plant-based products. It’s not just healthy but also tasty. With the backing from Rastelli Foods Group, Daring Foods also received $10 million as an investment combined as cash with infrastructure, distribution support, and sales.

Daring Foods have plans to launch the product in the United States by February 2020. The opening idea is to sell directly to individual consumers as well as restaurants and retailers through its website. For now, the startup is focused on serving the U.S. market. Currently, its headquarters is in Glasgow but soon it will be shifted to New York. After its launch, you can anytime order daring pieces at your doorstep, ask for it at your favorite restaurant or pick it up from a nearby superstore. Save the planet starting with one plate with Daring Foods.