3 Online Ways to Expand Your Customer Base in Automobile Industry

Customer Base in Automobile Industry

A person involved in sales does not like cold calls. According to the person, cold calls are a weak conversion and can convert your thoughts into negative ones, leading in lessened confidence. Employees then transfer negative emotions to their team, resulting in falling indicators. When companies are faced with the problem of cold calls, they go in two ways: wrong and right.

The Wrong Way

Leave everything as it is. They recruit new people the ring, then they dismiss, and again recruit new ones. This cycle is repeated until the negative among former colleagues and clients reaches a critical level.

The Right Way

Switch from cold calls to work on a client base. To clarify: the customer base is not just a list of names, car models, and phone numbers. An effective customer base takes into account many factors: from age, interests, place of residence/work to preferences in cars and leisure activities.

This data is needed to understand your target audience, create interesting offers, and the vital thing is to conclude repeat transactions. If you do not have repeated transactions on recorded contacts, then it will be a telephone directory and not a client base.

How to form a base?

You can buy a base, but there are no guarantees that these people will be interested in selling and buying a car. A long, but high-quality effective way is to assemble the base yourself. Convert cold calls, calls, promotions into a client’s desire to contact the company again.

It is difficult to immediately collect personal data. People do not like to fill out questionnaires. They are not ready to waste their time. But thanks to technology, it’s really possible to simplify work with repeat transactions and scale the customer base.

Audiences can be divided into those that are associated with your site and those that you get offline. But if you or your company does not yet have a working site, it’s time to do it. Herein listed below are some of the online ways to expand your customer base.

1. Personal account + CRM system

The easiest way to collect information is to create a personal account. You will be able to correlate contacts with your CRM-system, start tracking repeat applications, and the number of transactions. Then work with personal offers, and newsletters.

With a personal account, it is easy to come up and test the action based on the information, interests, and popular sections. This also helps in establishing subsequent sales of insurance, maintenance, and seasonal tires. Many companies create a personal account, but face a denial of registration by users. The reason is simple: there is no practical value. If your account is useless for the user, he will just switch to another site that is providing interesting offers.

For example, a person will be the first to know about new products on the site or his car will be a priority when shown to other customers, or he will receive a wash, polish, or one of the paid services.

2. Pixels in social networks and thematic platforms

The company’s website plus social networks and forums have established themselves as an effective combination for working with a client. If you have a website and social networks, check if the pixel is installed and if it works correctly.

Pixel is an embeddable code on a site that helps to track and save visitors data. You will be able to customize your ads more efficiently and show only the offers you need.

For example, to collect a database of those who went to the landing page and show them ads with a low interest rate. If the site is made in the format of a catalog, then you can show ads with similar offers for those who visited pages of certain brands. If a person is interested in pre-sale preparation, but has closed the page, the pixel will read it, and it will show Instagram ads as a reminder and enhancer of desire.

3. Additional service

Dealers and large escape companies use credit calculators and configurators on their sites. These marketing tools help you make a purchasing decision. And they collect customer data. Use useful services to integrate with your newsletters and advertising, because you will find out about the payments on the loan of interest to the client, the cost of OSAGO, MOT, and other parameters.

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